Blossom & Brew Podcast

Blossom & Brew Episode 6: Fire Works

In this episode we discuss how communities are dealing with the uprising of fireworks and what in the world is going on in the comic book industry on social media.

Blossom & Brew Episode 5: Ripping off the Band-Aid

In this week's episode we discuss ongoing racial and gender disparities in our country and beyond. 

Blossom & Brew Episode 4: Unravel, Unravel, Unravel

In this episode, we talk about unraveling whiteness within society and possibilities on how to maintain sustainability in the BLM Movement. 

Blossom & Brew Episode 3: Black Squares & the Power of Black Lives

In this week's episode we discuss Black Lives, Protests, and what Communities can do to maintain the fight.

Blossom & Brew Podcast Episode 2: Central Park Karen’s Gonna Karen

Official Blossom & Brew Podcast, (Formally The Brew). This week we talk about #CentralParkKaren, Disparity and Healing!

Episode was originally Video Recorded via StreamYard.

Blossom & Brew Podcast Episode 1- The Brew

Pilot Episode of the "Blossom & Brew Podcast".

Writer & Community Organizer Regine L. Sawyer and Meditation & Life Coach Ilka Pinheiro. Conversations on "Blossom & Brew" center on Self-Care, Culture & Equity in an ever changing world.

Episode was originally Video Recorded via StreamYard.

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